Saturday, September 22, 2012


Just like a butterfly we all are, starting as a tiny little worm.Small, tiny and feeling plain and sometimes even feeling worthless. Shy to face the world or show our true core. Sometimes even scared to face that truth that we do matter! Hiding from the crowd, denying that we, like all other creatures are important and of great impact. We hide from the scenes and from ourselves. We hide our true character and personality from others. We don't share what we truly think, feel or do. For lots and lots of reasons. Sometimes, we are shy to tell, sometimes we feel like we don't want to bother others.

Then suddenly, out of no where and for absolute no reason, something happens. Something weird, yet special. Something powerful and very gentle; full of energy and filled with poise. This thing can be anything, and can be nothing. Its really complicated and mysterious, yet you will just feel and know it. That moment when you feel whole ! You are missing nothing, you have got it all, you own the entire world within your palms. In that legendary moment, a moment where time freezes waiting for you to go through your most spectacular experience and transformation. Its the moment where the whole world stands still, watching you become the most beautiful butterfly.
At that moment, you stop caring, bothering or worrying. You simply start BREATHING, for the very first time in your life. Your first time to feel alive, the first time to be calm. No more worries or issues to think over. Decision making feels easy like never before. You feel confident, relieved, like you own everything and everything is simply easy and nice and not worth your efforts. Life becomes sweeter :)

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