Monday, May 14, 2012

A Carrot

There is a big difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s real and what’s not. We all know these differences but we don’t really like them or go with them. As reality is most of the time bitter and very far away from the imaginary world we built for ourselves to live in.

A feel like the donkey with a carrot pinned to his head but away from his mouth. He wants it so bad; that he keeps running trying to catch it but that stupid carrot is always far from his reach…always in advance of him. I envy the donkey that he only wants the carrot in front of him, whilst I want all what’s beyond that carrot.

One day, I realized that no matter how fast I ran I WONT REACH THE DAMN CARROT. That didn’t really relief me, it made me feel really frustrated and down. I sat down trying to take my breath and feeling like a complete loser, I have been running after that carrot for years!!!.....years!!YEARS!!!!!!! And as if I was hit on my brainless head. I looked up at the carrot hoping that what I was thinking of is not true. No it can’t be!! I haven’t wasted years of my life running after a…..rotten carrot!! HOW STUPID AM I!?? I have been so busy reaching it that I didn’t see wither is it still good or not. I could have waited for anyone to help me or even looked for another carrot, but I was blind and stupid…I was pathetic!

Suddenly the carrot disappeared!! I looked around me to see other donkeys; trying hard to do what I was doing. All overwhelmed with the same carrot, running as fast as their legs could help them to. I wanted to tell them all to stop or help each other or switch the carrots with each other. I shouted as hard as I could but it was all in vain, as if I don’t exist. I started to look around me to find something, anything, to help me and make them stop, and then I found a bunch of donkeys 5 meters away. They all looked busy but relieved and most importantly, with no carrots. I hustled to them and asked them to help me help the others get rid of their carrots too. None of them seemed to care, but one came near me with a nice wise smile and told me that they have been trying for so long since they first realized that they must stop running. To my amazement, the donkey said that they tried to warn me but I didn’t listen. I was so occupied with my obsession. I looked back at the running donkeys and pitied them all, I was just like them and I know how it is like. All I could do is to pray for them.

So now what?? I let go of my…precious carrot (after all I like it in a way or another) I am aware now that it was not real, so what!? What should be my next step? If only I had a carrot to catch!! WHY DO I INSISTE TO STICK TO PURE STUPIDITY!!!? No rotten carrots, no carrots at all. It’s just that, I was sticking to the carrot coz it kept me engaged into something, I didn’t want to leave it or stop maybe so as not to be lost like now or feel so helpless like that!?

There is nothing better than seeing the truth beyond things, I agree it’s hard but hard things are always worth it. 
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