Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sixth Sense

I don't mean Bruce wills movie or the new technology. I am talking about the sixth sense of feeling what will happen next, not seeing the future, but sensing it. How often we wish we can see the future and know what will happen to us within the couple years, days, or seconds...

But haven't you ever felt that deep feeling of certainty that something good or bad will happen? or your gut feeling telling you not to do that or do that? who will win? who is knocking your door?

Now haven't you ever had a dream that tells you what to do in a certain thing? or a dream that will come to reality in the future? or telling you something about someone??

Do you see things in our surrounding from another perspective? Do find them triggering certain thoughts, stimulating your brain in a different way!? I am talking about signs scattered all along in our daily life.

You know what others are thinking of and feeling without asking them? 

Maybe you have experienced one or more of those things or maybe you are wishing you do.

I experience some sort of bonding between me and my sister, a connection. We understand each other instantly, we talk and have long conversations without uttering a single word. This has driven people crazy, specially our mother:D

I wonder about the connection between twins, how strong can it be?

All of that is ordinary, its normal.

What  is dazzling me is a connection with someone you barely knew. Someone when you first saw, felt that you already knew or met before, or as if you have been waiting for.
Who is that person!!? why you feel so??
You know what will that person do next? if he is sad or happy? if he is in trouble or not? when you will two meet or receive a call from, on which day and hour; without planning to. Not even talking to that person or contacting in any mean.

I heard once that before the creation of man, our souls existed together and knew each other, some didn't get along together while others did. Thats why sometimes in our lives you meet someone whom you don't like and you don't know why. And that why you feel relived to others without really knowing them.
And that makes me wonder does that relate by anyway to that kind of connection?

This connection is pretty cool:D feels a bit wizardly:D:D It gives you a good feeling and some sensation of .....power.

The more days that pass the more powerful your skills get and the deeper the connection is established, and the more powerful you feel.
However, what will you do if one day, you woke up to find that this connection no longer exists!!
will you feel sad!? if you think you will; you are either control freak:P, or actually you didn't experience that and you couldn't imagine how can this be.

Having such a powerful deep connection with someone you barely know or meet can drive you nuts! It will posses you and indulge all your senses sinking your mind deep into a restless endless forest of your own creation. Thoughts and speculations that can drift you away from reality, but keeps you swimming in a swarm of dreams, probabilities and chances.
This connection itself will drive you made thinking why among all the people I know I am connected with somebody I don't know!!!!!! Should that have any significance? and what is it?

Losing such a connection is a blessing, you are no longer jailed in your own made prison of mind. Although you lose the power, the enthusiasm and curiosity to know what will happen next. But in turn you will enjoy the peace of mind.

I cant find explanation to those bizzare phenomena, it might be the hallucinations of my sick mind. Yet I thank god for having them:D...I do.

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