Monday, May 14, 2012


It’s not in articulating the best answer nor perfect phrases. It’s not in knowing all the answers or being intellectual. Wisdom is not limited to successful, celebrities and politicians. It’s a magical talent that if you gain; you will have all the power within your palms. Wisdom is not about having the louder or stronger voice. It’s not about believing that you are right or being told so.

From my point of view, wisdom is a rich feeling of peacefulness. It’s when you seem you are in the weaker position, but you don’t care or struggle to prove you are not. It’s the moment when you prefer to stay silent in the sea of screams. You don’t care you are wrong or right, it’s never important on which shore you land, or on what team you play, what really matters is reaching your goals in the way you want that doesn’t conflict with others. You don’t ignore others, you listen to them appreciate their words no matter what they are. It’s all about modesty never arrogance and being cocky. It’s knowing when to move forward and when to stop.

Wisdom is when you appreciate those little things in our daily life. The soft air breeze, the glittery sun rays, the people walking by, the glamorous moon. The buildings’ architecture, the shapes created by the clouds, the stars and the salty smell of the sea. It’s feeling happy and content seeing and appreciating those simple things.

It’s the sense of security and contentment that makes you feel your own king. It makes you feel free spirited and not restrained to anything. It’s the freedom of soul that gives you peace of mind.

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