Monday, May 14, 2012


Since I was a child, I have always hated number 3 ... to me it was pure evil! It's odd, prime and even looks ugly! I just hate it and all its derivatives and anything made up of 3 elements ... just like triangles!

A triangle is just stupid to me, it is too lazy to work hard and catch up to be a nice big polygon nor flexible enough to make a circle. Although that’s what makes it unique, I just don’t like it. However, if I am given a piece of paper and a pen, all my scribbles will be just a bunch of triangles, I keep on drawing different triangles in different sizes, Intersecting triangles, and even make up different shapes out of small triangles. My subconscious has been always full of triangles, and I never thought I will be stuck in one!

Our lives are full of situations that can alter our daily routines and even our personalities. We can also feel like we are trapped in a maze, or infinite loops, a circle! A big endless circle, where we keep running, you can’t define where the starting point is and where the ending one is. You are just hoping and wishing we will reach the end at a certain moment. Wishing we will find what we want at the end of the road, and having the faith and will to keep us running and running for so many times. We can’t see the end or the depth of the loop we are trapped in, and that is exactly why we don’t lose hope quickly.  Just like our faith for GOD’s existence, we don’t see him, yet we all know he is there and that’s what keeps us alive and gives us strength. And maybe that’s why GOD has created most things in the form of a circle. The planets, the atoms, the circle of life, cells, our circulatory system, even time … I think just everything is made up of circles … Circles are good.

What can really kill one’s soul is to be stuck in a triangular loop.  If you are in a triangular loop, you start at one of the 3 anchor points believing that it is the starting point and in front of you at a certain distance you can see the end point!! Just a few miles away. You are happy, and very hopeful and sure that you are reaching your goal very soon. The faster you run, the closer your goal seems to be. And finally, you are just there, making the last step! You reached your destination – or so you thought – you were so confident and happy. But your happiness won’t last for long, the point you have reached wasn’t the end, there is another route waiting for you! You thought you made it, well actually you didn’t. You tell yourself never mind, no big deal you have been through that before and you can do it again. You take a deep breath and start running in the second arc of the triangle, hopeful and happy as you get closer to the new anchor point and once you reach it with a victory smile, all the triumphed feeling vanish when you see the new road waiting for you to cross! 3 to 5 loops in a triangle can be enough to make you desperate and makes you lose hope and faith. The disappointment in a triangular loop can simply break you into pieces and that’s what make a triangular loop lethal.

However at the end both are endless loops, and in addition to that the circle loop gives you no indication of how far you have got, or how much you have passed, I believe we still prefer not to be disappointed. We set for ourselves imaginary facts that keep us hopeful and capable of enduring the bitterness of life. We deceive our own selves to survive. I don’t know if that is sick and pathetic or creative. All I know is that its easier to live in a dream rather than living up to it … and that’s not so good.

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