Monday, May 14, 2012


IT's very weird how our brain tricks us. You think that your favorite color is red, however all your clothes are blue.You believe that your favorite team is barchelona, while deep inside you you wished if machester united has won. Sometimes its so confusing that you just dont know what is it that you want!? why cant there be predefined rules for such situations,like a guide or a book telling you which to chose from. Why are we always struggeling with ourslevies when we actually know the truth but deep inside we just dont want to believe in it. My mind is full of thoughts and ideas, that is leaving me with a vast diversity of emotions. Like a ship in an angry sea, I am; where its waves are hitting it from every direction. Each wave trying to direct the ship to a direction leading it to a differet way. Each wave competing with the other; making the ship unsettled and lost. Happy with all that excitment, but afraid of damaging. If there was only a guide, a clue that could help in finding the right path one is supposed to walk throught, things would have been a lot easier.

I normally never read again what i write, but i have that feeling that is telling me that right now i have written a waste of time uncomprehnsible master piece. Sometimes its not important to make sense nor to mean something, and thats what i call pure entertainment.

If anybody read this, sorry for wasting your time:))))

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