Monday, May 14, 2012


Its only hope that makes life worth living, for me hope is just like a candle buried deep down inside me I cant see it really but am sure its there, I just feel its fade heat through me giving me the will to keep on living. I have lost hope so may times and even sometimes I wished to lose hope in something and stop wishing or dreaming of it. And I wont say that I didn't survive or something, no of course I did but I was like a zombie- a living dead- I wasn't miserable or so I though, but I wasn't happy neither. I felt something was wrong but really didn't know what was it. I know thats not the normal ME......!!!! 

Days have passed, and am still living in a coma, am aware of everything around me but am not interacting normally with the surrounding. Something it is acing but I cant find it. Then I started to face the truth, its the candle!! thats it, thats whats acing, I have just blown it off and didn't totally remove it, coz unfortunately its not removable, it a built in option or something. Oh how much I wish to take that candle off, its just exhausting to have it. I am not saying that its a bad thing, hope is the most beautiful thing in life. To flowers; hope is like the water that makes them blossom. To a painting, its the colors that brings it to life. Finally, to humans, its what makes us content, happy and ambitious and not just living for the day. That hope is making you levitate in a world of your dreams that ensures you that everything is possible, good and nothing bad will happen. Unfortunately, life is just full of wind that blows the candle off and makes you see that actually everything is just bad and absolutely the opposite of what you have dreamed of. I am not pessimistic, am not that kind bas am just asking myslef: “متى ستاتى الرياح بما تشتهى السفن؟؟؟؟".

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